23 Sep 2016

BYCO Petroleum Jobs 2016

September 23, 2016
Assistant Managers,Shift Supervisors,Operators(Boiler,DCS,RO Plant,Power House)

01. Assistant Manager (Power House)
02. Assistant Manager (RO Plant)
03. Unit Shift Supervisor (Boiler & Utilities)
04. Unit Shift Supervisor (Power House)
05. Unit Shift Supervisor (RO Plant)
06. DCS Operator (Boiler and Utilities)
07. PLC Operator  (Boiler and Utilities)
08. Outside Operator (Boiler and Utilities)
09. Operator (RO Plant)
10. Operator (Power House)

Experience in any of the following fields is required according to post.
(Oil and Gas,Power House,Power House,Petrochemicals,Fertilizers)

Submit your CV at resource.select@gmail.com